Fire Safety Assessments

When you own or manage a building, whether it is a commercial property or a residential one, you have a duty of responsibility to ensure that it is fully protected against fire. This is under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

We provide Fire Risk and Safety Assessments. These are comprehensive, methodical, and organised reports on your buildings and the activities that are carried out there.

The main goal of these assessments is:

  • To identify the potential risk of a fire emanating
  • To identify the cause of a fire outbreak
  • To identify the potential harm that could result from the fire, either to your building or the people that occupy it.


Our services also include Fire Compartmentation surveys which provide specific information on the compartment strategy by accessing hard-to-reach areas such as loft spaces, basements and within false ceiling voids. These help to identify hidden defects which are not usually covered by standard fire risk assessments.

Although you could legally carry out your own fire safety assessment, we would still recommend you seek out the help of an expert surveyor. It can help to ensure the assessment is carried out impartially and does not overlook anything. All surveys are carried out under the competence of licensed and certified surveyors with industry experience, to provide in-depth assessments of the fire safety of your building.