Expert Witness (Housing Disrepairs)

Acting as an Expert Witness, we provide a service where we offer professional opinions that are impartial, regardless of the type of dispute in place.

A typical survey includes a thorough assessment of the property identifying any defects relevant to the disrepair. The results of the assessment are incorporated into an official report with annotated photographs.

This legally binding document will outline the investigations, potential causes, recommendations and conclusions of the disrepair essential to any dispute or claim.

As well as having the knowledge and experience, we can also work on your behalf and pursue third-party cases for you.

Our experience and expertise cover various specialist areas including;

  • Litigation matters considering court action
  • Acting as an Expert Witness in complex repairs disputes, providing evidence in Court
  • Single Joint Expert (SJE) services
  • Party Appointed Expert (PAE) services
  • Providing detailed property reports in compliance with the protocol of Civil Procedure Rules 1998 (CPR 35) and the associated Practice Direction (PD 35)

Acts Covered:

  • Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (Section 11)
  • Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Section 79)