Condition Surveys

If you own a building or are in charge of the management and maintenance of that building, conditions surveys are extremely important.

At Call Out, we provide condition surveys to help understand the physical condition of the building or property.

This is performed by our fully qualified building surveyors and provides you with the critical information you need. As well as outlining the repairs and maintenance work required on the building, it can also indicate when each part of the building will need to be renewed, decorated, maintained, or repaired. This is essential in order to fulfill your obligation as a building owner or for leasehold properties.

Our condition surveys are undertaken with a wealth of experience, in particular within residential homes. We also incorporate Stock Condition Surveys for social housing stock. This involves capturing information on software programs electronically, specifically for the building including the remaining lifespan of all minor and major components. We have experience in undertaking these surveys for social housing landlords according to ‘Decent Homes Standards’.